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Up Your Game

Reaction Technologies focuses on building athletes’ spatial awareness & proper form through  use of their Heads-Up Trainer

Why Reaction Technologies?

Designed to minimize head, neck and spinal injuries

Provides immediate feedback

Easy-to-use & portable

Usable in drills & practices

Accessory to equipment you already have

Our Technology

As an athlete approaches the device, a coach remotely directs the Heads-Up™ Trainer to display a number, letter, or symbol on the screen.

While performing a drill (tackling and moving), the athlete tells the coach what was displayed. This is only possible if the athlete approached the device using a proper heads-up pose.

Football Game

Learn more about the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Position Statement: Head-Down Contact and Spearing in Tackle Football.

Use across a multitude of Sports

  • Builds muscle memory

  • Allows coaches to provide immediate feedback

  • Designed to minimize head, neck, and spine injuries by ensuring proper tackling procedures

  • Reinforces proper technique

See how we can improve your game performance 

Youth Basketball Game

View our official website to learn more about our products.

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